Health app that never existed before

We were happy to work on a project that can change your habits of eat healthy and balanced food and tells you to stay away from undesired products your body doesn't want, but you have no idea about

How does it work?

To truly understand what a user needs to eat next he or she should be ready to test. While watching randomly shown products for the next 15 seconds a program detects a face reaction and returns results of the most and less desired products.

Fit a face mask

To get more accurate results it is important that an application properly scan a face micro expiration while watching food products. One of the important step would be framing a user’s face into a mask. That’s why this mask imitates a human face with opened ears and underlined chin.

Results. More results

After taking the test users can read its results and analyse them. Every product has nutritional facts and "good to know" information.

Power of onboarding

* Step by step an app introduction that describes what would happen next * Every screen shows an action in different day time by reminding to test before the next food intake * Onboarding is also an instruction, that you can always go back to and learn

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