Cappasity 3D

Working together for 6 years, we’ve got accepted to the top Plug and Play retail accelerator. We went further with Blockchain technology and released utility token to the market

Cappasity 3D

Cappasity is a cloud-based platform that helps online stores easily create and deliver 3D, VR and AR shopping experiences.

Genesis of web services

2014 was a year when Cappasity had a strong footing in 3D imaging technology, being primarily used for high-quality 3D model digitizing for games. However, after several years in business it was clear for Cappasity that other companies in the market had problems scaling their services for a mass user. Then the company realized that approach to 3D digitizing must be drastically simplified. Cappasity had great expertise in desktop software development, but didn't have anyone in the team specializing in web. That's when Makeomatic team was introduced to Cappasity. We've ultimately decided to start with a few relatively small projects, which would eventually help manage new and existing users, collect payments and, most of all, display 3D models anywhere on the web. In that year we've developed first version of the API to support existing desktop software, which allowed it to upload 3D models for future embedding.

Admin Panel

Cappasity Cloud Platform

With the successful rollout of API for storing digitized 3D models next step was to open up a complete Cloud Platform so that it's easy to demonstrate & manage 3D models directly from the web. We've worked on improving 3D player - now supporting mesh and custom 360 views, simplified the way models could be embedded in any 3rd party sites, integrated with popular social networks, so that whenever you share Cappasity 3d models rich snippets would appear. Everything was done to make sure that service is robust, easy to learn & use, scalable and appealing.

3D Analytical Tool

Cappasity has a 3D analytical tool that helps e-commerce representatives to understand customers, their behavior and desires.

Quite often retailers try to understand why one product sells rapidly but not the other. Cappasity Analytical tool can generate data and engagement index to explain this paradox. By rotating model graphics explore what features users pay attention to. This tool helps to improve content visualization, for instance, choose the most wanted materials that item is made of and highlight the bestsellers.

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